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Unfortunately, we do not accept Scanners,TVs or Printers.

PCs for Kids values your donation of any computer equipment, no matter what its condition.

All equipment donated is evaluated to see if it can be refurbished, and if that is not possible, the equipment is completely dismantled and all of the components are recycled.

Because donated equipment may have sensitive data on a hard drive we ''Erase'' the hard drive (DOD Standard) to satisfy customers concern that this data may be accessed by someone else.


PCs for Kids recycle computers and associated hardware and software.

Please ask if you are not sure what we do take.

Recycling provides the major part of funding at PCs for Kids! Recycled (scrap) parts have a value when disposed of at the recycler! This also stops vaulable resources going to landfill.

Our recycling area dismantles each item, separating the parts into their appropriate components eg: plastic, steel, copper, brass, any other alloys, before sending to the recycler.

PCs for Kids donates computers to children who are physically, mentally or economically handicapped. To apply for a donation go to our "Children's Donation" page.